Residential Testimonials

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Your crew just left installing the Window Film on our south and west facing windows and they were completely professional and I was truly amazed at how big a difference it has made in cooling the house. I sincerely appreciate yourself and the entire Spectra team and will highly recommend to my friends.

All the best,

Michael L

Brad did a great job with the window film, took exceptional care with the living room windows, ensuring the paint and seal around the glass was as straight and clean as possible and cleaning up any mess that may have occurred.

The sun is now shining through the windows and the reduction in the amount of heat coming through is amazing, and I can still see a blue sky.

Thank you,


We were very pleased with the work done by you and Brad providing an estimate for window tint and the installation at our home at Valley Ridge Manor on April 22, 2016. We’ve had lots of tradespeople and people with expertise in related areas over the years, and rarely has someone been as meticulous as Brad. We would most certainly recommend Spectra Light to others.

Many Thanks,

Maureen S

We LOVE the door. You people did a fine job; the window looks professional, clean and sleek. You can bet we’ll refer your company if we have the opportunity

Thanks very much!


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Thank you so much. The windows look great. I am really impressed. I have had them done in another house, but what you did for those windows changes the look in the room and the back door. It is like adding art to the windows. Thanks again for such a timely effort to get the work done as well. I will be sure to recommend you when our guests notice our lovely windows.



Hi Doug… the guys did a fabulous job replacing the film on our board room glass this morning. Thanks so much. I needed to let you know that we are very happy with it.

Thanks again,

Trisha Kindopp

Good Afternoon Doug,
I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to follow up with you on a quote that you did for my wife in Bridgeland.

We really loved the work and customer service that we received from your company when we did the tinting of our windows on the main level and refer you guys to anyone looking to have their windows done. We can do the work on the 2nd floor , and would like to move forward.

Thanks Doug, talk soon.



Hi Doug,

Just wanted to let you know that Matt did our install and he was very prompt and on time and did a great job. We were very impressed with him


Tom P

Hi Doug and Matt,

Thanks! I LOVE my window film! I’ve noticed a real difference in the heat in my place already!


Hi Doug,

Matt and Kurtis did my film yesterday. They did a great job , and left no signs that they were even there. Everything was cleaned up nice.

Jeff C

Good morning Doug, thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

I am glad I found the team that did the work, because I was very happy with the result, the installation team (Brad and Matt), and the overall experience!

Would it be possible for us to meet some time today, to look at additional work? Please let me know, thanks Doug!



Once again thanks for the install, looks great and the team loves it.


Nan Xu

A Company Specializing in Honesty and Integrity. I highly recommend Spectra Lighting.

In order to reduce heat gain and increase privacy we contracted Spectra Light to install reflective film to the windows on the south side of our home in Airdrie. Spectra Light (Doug and his team) were very knowledgeable about their product and provided valuable advice on the type and degree of tinting that would best suit our needs. Their quote was very reasonable which included a large selection of materials. Doug came to our home and provided a consultation. His knowledge and experience with the products were invaluable. His ideas and suggestions maximized the benefits we were hoping for and saved us money in the long run. He left samples for us to make our final decision. Doug and his team were very professional, quick and efficient during the install. We are delighted to finally be able to enjoy the sunshine within a much cooler home without having to neither squint nor close blinds. The lifetime warranty is a comfort, knowing we are covered for any problems, even transferable to a new owner! Thank you very much Doug and your team; Meagan and Matt!

Ray & Debra

Hi Doug,

GREAT job! Thanks

Dr. Phil B

Hi Doug,

I thought I would let you know that the final look on both windows is very nice. It provides privacy with the ability to see out and is exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much for your help with this and the prompt service.



Brad installed the film on my windows today and did a great job and was very accommodating with my “up in the air” schedule for availability. Thank you for the great service,



Thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate the great service. I have told so many people how pleased I have been with Spectra Light.


Hello Doug,

We just wanted to let you know that we have been really impressed, even surprised, with how much of a difference the window film has made to the heat in our house. We can actually put the blinds down for part of the day now. You have a great product and we are recommending it to anyone that suffers with too much heat coming through their windows.

Thanks again from a much more comfortable family.

David and Jessica Cheesman

Hi Doug,

After a few weeks with the Vista V28 Window film in the den and dining room, we’ve noticed a big difference in lowering the heat and it looks great. Thank you again for the fast quote and service. Can you thank Brad for the professional service and his pride of ownership in his work.


Dear Doug,

We were very impressed with the quality of the work installing the film, and are very impressed at how well the film works. Service was great. We are referring you to many neighbors. Thanks again!

Matt S.

Hi Doug,

In 2006 we had some or your Vista V33 Bronze film installed on some of our windows. We love the film, and want to do another big window!!! Please let us know when we could get this done.

With Thanks,

Sally and Dan

Hi Doug,

Brad and his son just finished up our mirror doors and they look great. I was also impressed with the 2 fellows – neat and clean work and pleasant. Nice to see that once in a while.
I will not hesitate to recommend Spectra Light.


Dan Dorosz

Hi Brad,

I just wanted to touch base and comment on the tint film you
applied to our home. I’m pleasantly surprised at the in house heat reduction
plus the privacy it provides in the daytime.

Happy Client

Hi Alex,

Doug was my contact and he was amazing. Fast service and unreal results. Your business would benefit from the film. Jason also said that the film is great. Give them a call for a quote.

Janey and Jason

Hi Doug,

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the window film! It made a huge impact on how hot the house gets during the day. The morning sun in the bonus room does not now create a lingering oven all day long!

Thanks for the prompt and professional service. I have already passed your name on to a friend who is “baking” in her new condo!

Thanks again,

Pam J


Thank you for the information, and thank you so much for the work you did on our windows we really love them. We really enjoyed your company and any time you’re in the area please feel free to stop in.

Thanks again,

Tammy and Shawn

Dear Doug,

We just received the gift certificates for Earl’s that you sent us. Thank you, so much!
It is not often that a business rewards it’s customers. It was very thoughtful of you.
We’ve had no problem recommending you to others who are looking for window film. We were very pleased with the service and the product.
We will continue to recommend you. All the best to you and continued success in your business!

Kind Regards,

Pam & Rick Firth

Hi Doug,

We just wanted to let you know how great Sally is in your shop. She was very pleasant and helpful when we dropped by your shop.


Dan and Ann

Note: ( We get a lot of great comments on Sally’s phone presence, knowledge and professionalism with our customers )


Thanks for all your help! We very much appreciate it. Good service seems to be very hard to find these days and I am happy to say dealing with you was true good service.

Wanda and Jeff

Hello Doug,
Our apologies for not getting back to you before now. We just wanted to thank you and your team for the fantastic service we received from all of you. Brad was incredible and after they were finished, you wouldn’t have even know they were here the place was so clean. The install was perfect, you can’t even tell there is film on the windows. It’s so nice to find a company that actually returns calls, shows up when they say and does beautiful work. Thank-you all so much. We will recommend you to everyone we know.


Rob and Virginia Hardie

Good Day Doug,

We were very satisfied with Brad the installer-hard working, professional and mature.

We have referred our neighbors Trevor and Stacey to your company, and I believe that Brad is installing sometime next week. Again, thank you

For your excellent sales and installation process.


Mark and Christine Lesiuk

Thanks you for your time today. I ran your product brochures and price by my husband and he was so impressed that he is taking it to his employer, and you should be hearing from him soon. We have decided to go ahead with the film.


Amy and Darrell

Thank you for the thoughtful referral gift. We will most certainly enjoy it.
We are so happy with the window film. It is already making a noticeable difference.


Ann and Charles

I had a living room window broken by a golf ball in 2007 and my window broke into a million pieces. I decided that I should have some type of protection applied to the window. In the yellow pages I found Spectra Light Window Films. They applied Safety/security window film to the vulnerable windows. Last week another golf ball hit the same window. This time the Llumar security film held the window intact, and held the cracked glass together. Not one shard of glass entered the room. ( I was sitting in the room at the time.) The Spectra Light Security film could not have been more effective. I would highly recommend Spectra Light to anyone who has vulnerable windows on a golf course for protection from golf balls, and break and enter attempts. The employees were proficient and friendly.


Freda Peterson

Hi Doug, we would like to get some more windows filmed in our home. We had you do Solar film 15 years ago and it works great and we have had no issues with it at all.


Jan and Pete

Hi Doug
The window film installation in Canmore turned out great and we are now considering doing the west side ground floor windows as well as the east facing bedroom windows.

Could you please give us a quote on 13 more windows with Vista V38.

Warren & Judy