Residential Solar Control Film

Many Homeowners Don’t realize:

  • Windows play a vital role in the home’s energy efficiency.
  • Allowing solar heat to enter in the summer months and home heat to escape in the winter months.
  • Windows typically account for 15 to 30% of the total heating load and may account for more than 50% during the summertime cooling load.
  • The most cost effective way to cut home energy loss is to upgrade existing windows with the installation of VISTA Solar Control Window Film.

Reasons why people buy Vista window films:

  • 99.9% UV rejection. 1000 SPF versus 100 SPF.
  • Dual reflective features (less reflective interior, easier to see out at night).
  • Unmatched track record in the scratch resistant coatings.
  • Optional Gold Warranty (matches window manufacturer’s warranty) in residential applications.
  • CDF adhesive system (Clear Distortion Free).
  • Quality workmanship.
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
  • Can use regular cleaners (with Ammonia), which most competitive films cannot.
  • One of the only manufacturers to have a transferable lifetime warranty, from the original owner to one new owner.
  • Other warranties only warranty with the first owner, and most people don’t live in their homes more than 5 – 10 years.
  • IWFA certified and professionally trained, mature, knowledgeable installers.

*Triple pane glass is not safe to tint, in most cases*

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Why do you need window film?

Reduce Heat
Vista solar control Window films can reduce heat by up to 83% (LLumar RN07 Films are 83%. Vista V14 or Llumar R20 are 78%)
Below are actual BTU readings

Dual Clear
300 Sun output
225 Behind dual clear insulated glass
85 through glass & film

Low “e” dual clear
300 sun output
150 through low” e” dual clear
43 through low’e” glass film

Our film offers a distortion free view

As you can see the Vista Window Film dramatically reduces the incoming BTU’s.

Glare Reduction
Another benefit of Vista Window Film is it will create a more comfortable interior light in your home, less glare on monitors and televisions.

Surface Temperature Test
Tested through low “e” glass direct sunlight on fabric couch with fabric temperature 133F. Spot shaded for 30 seconds Surface temperature of couch drops to 103F.

You may ask, “What about the winter solar gain, do I have to give this up?” The film has an insulating property that will offset some of the heat you would have gained.

Reduced Fading

Visible light, heat & UV contribute the most to fading of furnishings, floors, artwork etc. Fading is dramatically reduced with the Vista UV shield which is a separate layer within the film. Its sole purpose is to block the UV radiation. See chart that shows what causes fading. This patented film is recommended by the Skin cancer foundation. The UV is very aggressive in our mountain climate. It can quickly make its mark on your furnishings. Vista window film reduces the UV by 99.9%.fadingcrop 819965

Bearspaw Vista V389% may not seem like a lot but let’s calculate it another way. To find out the SPF ( Sun Protection Factor) of a film – divide the UV transmission by 100. e.g. Vista has a transmission of .1, divided by 100 equals 1000 SPF. Common films with 1% transmission, 1 divided by 100 equals 100 SPF. This is a 900 value difference with the SPF, giving you 10 times greater protection from harmful UV rays by using Vista window films. Vista window film blocks dangerous UVA/UVB rays to aid in skin cancer/photoaging prevention. VISTA® UV Shield® is one of the only manufacturers to have 99.9% UV protection and Skin Cancer Foundation approval. This also relates to a safer film and one that contributes more to fade reduction. Also, we only use Distilled Water, NOT TAP Water, to ensure high quality installs.


The Vista product comes with a no charge Lifetime Transferable Residential Warranty, 5 year thermal shock warranty and 3 year seal failure. (Seal Failure warranty based on new windows).warranty page

For a nominal cost you can upgrade the Residential warranty to a “Gold Warranty”. This will match the warranty of the window manufacturer. To help you make a decision on which Vista film will work best for you, please contact our window film professionals for a free in home consultation.

Seeing a home completed will often help in making the right decision. That is why you can meet us at our showroom. There we have a lot of samples and information to help you with your decision. The thin multilayer film also acts as a safety film.

In the advent of glass breakage, the film will assist in holding the broken glass together. It can reduce a huge mess on the floor (especially if a golf ball came through the glass and you weren’t home … and it rained!!) It can also prevent personal injury from the broken glass.

We offer quality workmanship by accredited, professional installers. Our products have unique features that we offer at an affordable price. Let us prove the “difference” to you.---r5 102055