Residential Designer and Etched Films

Etched Films are a specialty at Spectra Light Window Films. Create a private space and let us help you design the right look for you. Using a host of vinyl types, from opaque and translucent to specialty etch films, we are able to fill any need you may have in mind. Classic and decorative, modern or retro, Spectra Light Window Films has you covered. We have computer plotters to cut designs out of various materials. We stock over 30 different varieties of films from basic sandblast look films, to pre-patterned films and colored films. Film can be used in many applications to create some privacy, yet allow in a lot of light. Etched films are used for bathrooms, entry, basement, closet, home office, windows and doors. You are welcome to come to our shop to view any of the available films. We will also sell you small quantities or small size pieces of film if you are a ‘do it your selfer.’


Designer and Etched Films Gallery