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We are now an AMA Rewards Partner! Customers that are AMA Rewards Members can save and earn reward dollars.

Enmax - security film

Enmax – security film. Call us today to ask what our window films can do for you!

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We have moved into our nice new shop. It is 3,600 square feet larger and more modern space.

We use only distilled water with proper application fluids, NOT tap water and dish soap.

We are unique in that we will spend the extra money to ensure the best application of the film. Using tap water, with all the chemicals is tougher on the adhesive systems and using dish soap weakens the adhesive strength to the glass. You will also not get as clear of an appearance through the film.

We offer quality workmanship by accredited, professional installers. Our products have unique features that we offer at an affordable price. Let us prove the “difference” to you.


We were awarded the 2012 Canadian Vista Dealer of the Year Award.