Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does Window Tint Film give me night time privacy?

No, privacy is related to how much light is outside and inside. You can get good daytime privacy with a reflective film, but when it is dark outside at night, and the lights are on inside, you can see through the film. ( You can see this with Downtown buildings – reflective during the daytime and see through at night ). Frosted Films can give privacy, but you cannot see out of them as well. Frost films are great for entry glass and bathrooms, as well as side windows in between homes where there is no view, but you still want light to come in.


2) How much does the Solar film reduce the heat coming in?

We found on average the reduction is between 3 – 10 degrees F. There is many variable depending on what film you use and what kind of glass you have. Some of the Low E coated glass does not allow the film to work a well as it could. But in most cases the film will make a noticeable difference.


3) Will the films reduce all my fade?

Our Vista Solar films reduce the UV by 99.9% . UV is a large portion of what causes fade, but Light and Heat are also large contributors to fade. A tint film, even a light one is more effective vs a plain clear UV film. Fade reduction is between 60% to 80% from the light to dark films.


4) How much does the film cost to have put in my home or business?

It is more affordable than one would expect. Solar films range from $7 – $10 per sq ft depending on the type of film. The average runs around $7 – $8 per sq ft. The Safety/Security films range from about $6 – $13 per sq ft with the average of $8 – $9 for the most common ones. Frosted films range from $7 – $10 from basic to Gradient films. Any work with ladders or lift will have extra charge.


5) What is the warranty on the films?

For the Llumar solar films there is a Lifetime limited Warranty for Residential, and for the Vista Films there is a Lifetime Limited warranty with a One time no-charge transfer warranty ( the best in the business ) . Commercial solar warranty for LLumar is 10 years and for Vista is 15 years. The security films are 10 year warranty on the film for residential and commercial.

On the solar films we do have a warranty that is placed on the glass, which varies depending on if it is LLumar or Vista, and age of the glass units. Some glass manufacturers void their warranty if anything is put on the glass, but we have a warranty that goes on in place. There is also an optional Gold warranty that can be purchased that matches the manufacturer’s warranty.

Most of our frosted films carry a 5 year warranty.


6) Will the film wreck my glass?

This is often said by glass manufacturers, yet there is not tests that prove this. In fact, film manufacturers have done tests to show that films can be safe on the glass. We use Film to Glass charts to make sure we use films that are compatible for use on specific glass. We also test the glass to see if it has a Low E coating so we can use what is best suited in each situation. If the glass units are of a good quality, there should never be any issue with film on them. Seal failure is very rare on new glass, and seldom on old glass. Glass Thermal cracking is less than 1 out of a thousand and is usually caused by very close blackout blinds or a flaw on the edge of the glass such as an edge chip, glass sitting on a screw or nail, or tight fitting glass. We do cover Thermal breakage for a few years after film install – on solar films.

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