Commercial Solar Control Film

Companies add solar film to:

  • Reduce glare for employees and computers. Reduce eye strain headaches. Can leave blinds open more often
  • Reduce heat and solar load in the building
  • Equalize temperature North and South sides (People freeze on the north side and cook on the south side – Making it difficult to control the air conditioning)
  • Reduce fading of interior furnishings
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Better exterior aesthetics (Checkerboard look with blinds up and down and cardboard taped to windows)

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Why do you need window film?

Reduce Heat
Vista solar control Window films can reduce heat by up to 83% (On Llumar RN07 film)
Below are actual BTU readings

Dual Clear
300 Sun output
225 Behind dual clear insulated glass
85 through glass & film

Low “e” dual clear
300 sun output
150 through low” e” dual clear
43 through low’e” glass film

Our film offers a distortion free view

As you can see the Vista Window Film dramatically reduces the incoming BTU’s

Glare Reduction
Another benefit of Vista Window Film is it will create a more comfortable interior light in your home, less glare on monitors and televisions.

Surface Temperature Test
Tested through low “e” glass
Direct sunlight on fabric couch
with fabric temperature 133F.
Spot shaded for 30 seconds
Surface temperature of couch drops to 103F.

You may ask, ” What about the winter solar gain, do I have to give this up”?
The film has an insulating property that will offset any free heat you would have gained.



Reduced Fading

Visible light, heat & UV contribute the most to fading of furnishings, floors, artwork etc. Fading is dramatically reduced with the Vista UV shield which is a separate layer within the film. Its sole purpose is to block the UV radiation. See chart that shows what causes fading. This patented film is recommended byfadingcrop 819965 the Skin Cancer Foundation. The UV is very aggressive in our mountain climate. It can quickly make its mark on your furnishings.

Is your heating and air conditioning system not keeping up with the demand? Solar control window films by CP Films can help return the control to you.

Vista window film has proven itself in the industry to do just that. Along with control comes added creature comfort. For example, Glare Reduction – allows you to configure your office space as you like. Glare from monitors is sharply reduced.

commercial pageWe have an energy analysis program built for the DOE. With this we can model your building and recreate it with Vista Window film applied to compare the two. This will give you an idea of payback. It is not uncommon to see the film paying for itself within just a few years.

Many property owners have already benefited from the installation of Vista window film. Give us a call to discuss your building.

Vista also has a “showcase” film available. This film is designed for showcase displays where you want to reduce the heat and damaging UV rays. The film is virtually invisible while allowing complete visibility of the products on display.

We offer quality workmanship by accredited, professional installers. Our products have unique features that we offer at an affordable price. Let us prove the difference to you!