About Us

Spectra Light & The Environment

  • We are a very environmentally conscious company, and want to set an example in business.
  • We use a lot of cardboard boxes for window, film, and supplies – we recycle it all. We also recycle all our office paper and plastic products.

Our window films reduce energy costs. They reduce incoming solar load, therefore lowering Air Conditioning costs. The films also insulate the glass somewhat to help retain winter heat. It also preserves the interior of the home, or business by reducing UV, heat and light. Many different shades and types are available to suit any preference.

We offer quality workmanship by accredited, professional installers. Most of our installers have Masters in Window Film Training from IWFA (the highest training available). Our products have unique features that we offer at an affordable price. Let us prove the “difference” to you.


  • First Aid
  • Lift Certification
  • Fall Protection
  • IWFA Window Film Basic and Advanced Certificates
  • WCB Insured
  • Provincial Glass Association Leadership Certificate